Saturday, September 4, 2010

Personal work for a change!

Hello all!
All four of you.
I have finally gotten around to doing some work just for me!
This will be the last time ever that I will be able to do anything for myself, so I'm glad I got the chance to do it.

I did this piece while hanging out with the super-spiff, Dori the GIANT
We had a sculpting day.

Process began with wire armature
Bent it in the shape of the little creature
Applied Super Sculpey
Took several hours to sculpt.

After finishing the creature I moved onto the fish.
Baked it.
Painted it.

Then I made the chair out of some things... fabric and foamcore.
Lotta hot glue...
used some more foamcore...
some more hot glue.
lotta paint.

I used safety pins for the fishing hooks, pretty clever, eh!?
This thing took me about 2 days total. Though, not anywhere close to 48 hours.
Y'know... like "two days" but not solid or anything.
I did eat during this process.


  1. It's the coolest!! Completely wonderful.

  2. What's with you and sea creatures lately? It seems like every illustration you've done this past year has involved fish somehow. And I can't believe you're still using super sculpey. People nowadays use ultimate sculpey.

  3. i should check out this "ultimate sculpey" it better be made of ground up pixies or i aint buying it.
    fish and sea creatures and most things relating to the sea are the greatest.

    wait till you see my updated website :D hehehe